The IMPACT of ICD10 on Cash-Based Practice

icd10 cash based physical therapy

Happy ICD10 Day!

I hope you have had a great summer, beginning of fall and are ready for ICD-10. I actually do not think ICD10 is going to
have a huge impact on cash-based practices and we are lucky. Our payments will not be interrupted because of mistakes on the claims. We get paid when the patient is seen in our office, not because we filled out the claim forms correctly, to the T. It is important to pay attention to what is happening and do our best to provide the correct ICD10 code to our patients.

icd10 meme cash based physical therapyThere are quite a few online training’s, webinars, and information so you can learn more about ICD10, if you haven’t done so already. ICD10 is required for HIPAA covered entities and even though my practice is not a HIPAA covered entity I still plan to provide ICD10 codes to my patients so they have the best chance at receiving reimbursement from a self-claim. All I needed to do was change the input field title in Quickbooks from ICD9 to ICD10 for my receipts/superbill and try my best to provide the correct code. Hopefully I don’t need to use V97.33XD too often!

A few thoughts about ICD10 & CashPT:

  1. Be sure to have your patients who self-submit, send in all claims prior to October 1st, with ICD9 codes, separately from their self-claims after Oct 1st (Today!) that have ICD10 codes.
  2. Use, find, & download a conversion cheat sheet, or even search Google for codes, but don’t solely rely upon it. Get to know ICD10 and understand her, so you can offer the best code(s) for your patients.
  3. Don’t sweat it too much. Most of our patients choose us because of the incredible value we provide without regard for their reimbursement. Most of my patients do not even meet their in-network deductible with the amount of physical therapy they receive in my clinic.

In honor of ICD10, I’ve decided to have a 24hour sale on my premier online training program, The CashPT Blueprint. Go here -> and at checkout use the code: ICD10 for 10% off the already discounted price.

How is ICD10 going to change your practice?

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