One-On-One Physical Therapy Is Dead

One-on-one physical therapy is dead. I hate to say this to you, but it isn’t the holy grail it once was anymore.

You may be saying, “But Aaron, you’ve been helping people start cash practices so they can see patients one-on-one for years.” Well, you’re right. And it is still certainly better than seeing five people an hour. It’s definitely better than ten different people using the same bike one after the other at a PT mill.

But, it’s not enough anymore to say that you’re only going to see 25 people a week. You can’t accept it because one-to-many does work. How? By leveraging the internet.

If you’re an expert in anything, it’s your duty to share it with the world and help as many people as possible. How do you do that? You reach them where they are: online. The one-to-many model in in-person clinics is dead in the water, but the one-to-many model online is thriving.

For instance, if I treat 26 people a week with manual therapy, I’m exhausted. But what if I create an online course? I can help 26,000 people a week without moving a finger.

You can do it too. There really isn’t anything special about me, except for the fact that I’ve identified my passion: sharing what I know.

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Aaron LeBauer

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT started a 100% cash based physical therapy practice right after graduation. He's on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery & enjoys helping passionate therapists build successful businesses without relying on insurance.

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