Physical Therapist Reacts to Chiropractic Cracks

Physical Therapist Reacts to Chiropractic Cracks & Adjustments | ASMR Compilation

Today, how about a physical therapist reacts video? I thought we would do something a little more fun for the holiday season. Do you like to keep things more light-hearted during the holidays?


I’m going to react to a compilation video my assistant send me of chiropractors giving treatments to patients. My kids watch reaction videos all the time, so I thought we could do a physical therapy related reacts video!

There are many opinions on chiropractors and the work they do. I have to admit, parts of this video really had me cringing! 

Comment below and let me know if you’ve seen a chiropractor before and what your experience was like! And let me know if I should do more reaction videos! If you’ve seen other physical therapist reacts videos like this one, I’d love to see them!

And if you have any suggestions of videos I should watch, send them my way!

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