Physical Therapy is Not Telehealth

Telehealth isn’t physical therapy.

In the same way physical therapy is more than the modality you practice (pelvic floor, dry needling, myofascial release, etc.), it is also more than telehealth.

Physical therapy is using our critical decision-making process to help decide what’s best for patients. We use our knowledge and expertise to ask the right questions and explain the problems and what to do about them.

That’s why it works on video as well as in person.

My brother is a psychotherapist and, obviously, all they do is talk to patients. However, a lot of his colleagues gave their clients the option to move to telehealth or wait until this is all over to be seen. My brother simply said, “Hey, this is what we’re doing now” and kept all of his patients. That’s what we should be doing too.

There are so many ways we can help our patients without touching them. For instance, we’ve given our patients Rumble Rollers so they can treat themselves while we guide them through it on video.

This is our opportunity to get people to understand that they should see a physical therapist first. I know surgeons here who have lost 75%-80% of their revenue because they’re not doing elective surgery. They’re not fixing disc herniations or doing injections. Now we can see those patients first.

We are more than treatment delivery methods. We are not telehealth, but we can most certainly use it during this time to continue to help our patients the way we know they need to be helped.

If you want to hear more about how we transitioned our clinic to telehealth, check out the most recent podcast episode I did with Dr. Herzog!



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