The CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast with Aaron LeBauer. Have you considered starting a cash practice but have doubts or were told it’s a bad idea? Join Aaron LeBauer as he explores how leading cash-based practice owners have achieved success, how leading physical therapists market their practice and what’s possible in a physical therapy cash-based practice.





TCLHP 173 | Six Figures
  Working as a physical therapist is undoubtedly one of the most under-appreciated professions in the medical field. But by fully embracing what it can deliver in the entrepreneurial sense, one can even start earning as much as six figures! Aaron LeBauer shares his Zoom conference with UMass Lowell DPT Club, where he talked about the complex yet rewarding process of starting to work under a certain employer and eventually evolving into a full-time entrepreneur.
  There is a certain resistance in the physical therapy space to treat women, especially pregnant women who are going through a lot of physical changes in their bodies. Contributing to half of the population PTs are seeing in their clinic, it has become a wonder why women’s health as a whole is perceived as uncomfortable for some. Beth Shelly, one of the pioneers in pelvic health physical therapy, found her calling in this area. She
TCLHP 171 | Physical Therapist
  The thought of moving into clinic director roles may be exciting until you’ve finally settled into your job, only to be given one big task over the next. Now, people are not only expecting you to do patient care but also to become a stellar manager while at it. So how can you properly do your managerial duties when you’re too busy meeting patients? Meredith Castin of The Non-Clinical PT saw the struggles many physical therapists with positions
  Being an entrepreneur is a challenge that not everyone is up to. As the saying goes, it’s “Simple, not easy.” This is especially true when you’re building yourself up as an authority in such a clearly-defined niche as injury rehab for endurance athletes. Chris Johnson joins Aaron LeBauer to discuss some of the specific challenges he has encountered along this journey. Together, they discuss the challenge of translating high-level information into something more accessible for
TCLHP 169 | Master Your Schedule
  All PTs are going to resonate with this. This time, Aaron LeBauer tackles something that you may have asked yourself before: how do you master your schedule so that you can have more time for your family, for yourself, and for growing your PT business as opposed to just managing it? There is probably no one that’s more qualified to talk about this than Greg Todd, one of the world’s top healthcare business coaches.
  As a parent, your responsibility to your family is a full-time job. But just because it is so doesn’t mean you can pursue what you want for your career. So how do you do it? In this episode, Aaron LeBauer sits down with Julie Leigh, the owner of Issaquah Myofascial Release, who herself is a full-time mom and runs a part-time practice. She shares how she is able to make it work, taking us throughout the
  Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith to really see whether going independent and building your own business will work for you. This readily apparent in the journey Dr. Ja’nae Brown underwent in building Physical Therapy San Pedro. Ja’nae shares with host Aaron LeBauer how owning a business gave her more autonomy and control over her time and how she only realized it once she took the risk and stepped into it.
  How the physical therapy business can thrive and grow during this pandemic is certainly a challenge, but it paves the way for new ideas that can be turned into actions. Aaron LeBauer in today’s episode as he shares how you can create your 2021 game plan to advance your physical therapy business despite the restrictions on face-to-face interactions. Aaron talks about the three essential things that most successful business owners have in common and
COVID has brought in a lot of changes in how we do our work and operate our businesses. But for J.T. Dulkerian, nothing’s stopping him from living the life he loves – living in and working in a van. This PT and owner of a mobile physical therapy studio, Pioneer PT, has been busier than ever. In today’s show, he’ll share how he’s been hitting a 5-figure mark amidst the pandemic. He’s been helping his

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