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Questions?Q: I have been in practice for myself for 6 years and have had some success with direct marketing to physicians and all of the other traditional means to get my name out on the street. I am a certified Hand Therapist and want to go in another direction for marketing my clinic as a niche clinic. I was wondering if you may have some insight…

A: Whether you live in a state with Direct Access, without, or even if it is restricted, I would suggest marketing directly to the consumer of your services, the patient. Instead of spending money $$$ on traditional brand advertising, spend time and effort writing online articles and updating the content of your website to let patients know exactly how they will feel and what they will experience when they come to your office. Patients want to know what’s in it for them and they are searching on Google for YOU!

Spend time building your online presence. Can people in your town find your practice when they search for “hand therapy in your town?” or” carpal tunnel surgery in your town?”  If you can not find yourself on a Google, Yahoo or Bing search, then you have a lot of work to do. This is not very expensive and will get you lots of patients. It is something that you can get started on in only a few hours. My #1 referral source is “Dr. Google”, so make sure your online presence is optimized so people looking for you can find your practice.

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