Q&A: Unhappy with Your Website Provider & Search Engine Results?

Questions?Q: Any ideas on a good source for a website provider? I have one now and am not very happy with the results. We’re not being found in local searches on internet. Thanks!

A: I have two web sites hosted on Hostgator with my url purchased at Godaddy. Both are great hosts and domain registrars, but the website host is not what drives your sites visibility on a Google search.

If you mean “provider” as the company that creates your website, web designers often do not provide SEO, or even design your site to be optimized, but they can make a pretty site. Your SEO or search engine optimization does matter when it comes to being found online or even at the top of the search results. That is, the content on your site and the links to your site from other “trusted” sites.  If you are paying a company to maintain your site on a monthly basis, be sure to ask what they can do for you regarding optimizing your site.  You should have control of the content and be able to update it as you like.  If your website “provider” built your site and that’s it and you are still unhappy with your website as it is, you can build another website yourself and I would start with a wordpress blog installed on hostgator.  You can even have a webdesigner do this for you and set you up with the login and password information so you can create blog posts and update the content yourself.  You will still have to promote your website and there are companies that you can hire to do this for you too.

There are some easy steps you can take yourself to promote your current website.  Try posting a video on Youtube, writing online articles, and creating a business site/local listing on Google+, Yahoo! and Bing will all go a long way to getting your clinic the visibility you want.  Sign up for our email bulletin and get the Dominate Google report to get access step-by-step instructions.


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