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Everything I know about business I learned racing bicycles. It helped me learn that investing in myself was the best investment I could make.

Maybe you don’t know this, but growing up I had a dream of racing bicycles in the Tour de France and winning bike races. Did I actually think I would make it tour the Tour de France? Maybe not, but I did know that I got a feeling racing bicycles that I didn’t get from anything else. And I wanted to win.


Racing Bicycles and Business Lessons

Get Out of Your Comfort zone in order to grow

I went to Belgium to race bicycles before I was necessarily ready to do so. Bicycle racing in Belgium is like baseball in America, or soccer in Brazil. It is THE sport. I may not have been good enough to win all of my races, but it gave me the opportunity to be around riders who were better than I was, push myself to improve, and experience life in a different country.

Must being around people better than you

I came back from that trip, raced bicycles in the USA and was able to dominate because of the habits I picked up from the better racers in Belgium. The same goes for business. Ingratiate with people who are ahead in the game, regardless of their fields, because there is always something you can learn. 

Have to be Persistent

If you stop, you lose. If you’re not willing to do the hard stuff, then maybe you need a new goal. You have to do the things you don’t want to do and be willing to be uncomfortable. 

Age is only a number

I was 26 when I started racing in Europe and was told I was too old to start. I can unequivocally say that you can do new things at any age. It might be more common for new grads to do it, but success comes at any age. Don’t let your age define you. You can learn anything, you just need the willingness to learn it. Time in the field doesn’t define your success either.

Success isn’t winning, it’s consistency

Success comes because you put in the work. Because you put in the consistency. You don’t have to get everything perfect, you just have to be consistent. I didn’t win every race, but I consistently placed well and got enough points to move up categories.

Time off is just as important as time under tension

As an entrepreneur, is more of a work life mix, but you still need to take actual time off. You are able to work harder in your business when you are well-rested. You have to set up your business in a way that it can run without you at times.

Must invest and be willing to go into debt 

Whoever is telling you to pay off your student loans as fast as possible, you need to stop listening to them. You need to stop focusing on debt and start thinking about how to leverage investments. 

Need to work with a coach to reach the big leagues

I knew if I could find the right coach, I could improve. Once I did, I went to Category 1 quickly. He gave me a plan that included strategy and recovery. I was able to stop spending the mental energy on figuring out what I was going to do and focus on actually doing it.

Taking care of your body and nutrition is key to performance

If you focus on your goal, taking care of your body has to be in the forefront of your strategy. Optimizing your nutrition and your health can help you in optimizing your business goals. You can reach peak performance. As a physical therapist, you have to walk the walk.  

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