Sell the Value of Physical Therapy, Not Just the Price

Sell the value of physical therapy, not just the price

When you sell something, you want to sell the value—the transformation and not the features.

When you sell features, it’s really easy to price shop. If you sell physical therapy by appointment price, most people aren’t going to want to come. They’d rather pay a cheap copay somewhere else. So, what we need to do is sell the value and the transformation.

In this quick video, I explain the importance of selling value and not price by giving a recent example of working with a customer service agent!

When I was purchasing new internet for the office it was like pulling teeth to get the value out.

While speaking with the representative, I finally said, “Look, just tell me what I’m going to get.”

And he said, “Well, we need to get you on this system where we’ve got a phone. It’s this amazing phone system, and the phone will route calls to other people, other phones, other lines if you need to. It will be like this million-dollar management system that you guys have access to.” The other thing he said was, “Well, let me get out there with a technician and we’ll take a look and see what we can do about getting you a hard line in your other room.”

And I’m like, “Well, of course.” Here comes the value. Boom.

Let’s relate that back to physical therapy. Let’s talk about the transformation. How will we do this? We get on the phone with patients and talk for 15 minutes about what might be going on. Then, we get them into the office to chat as well.

Now I’ve given value. And that’s the big thing. People get caught up in price shopping.

Sell the value of not just physical therapy, but what you can do for people.

The big question I always get asked is “Should I post rates on my website?”

The answer is yes if you want to be price shopped. Of course, there are some people who will see $150 an appointment and realize they will be getting more, but that is a special case most of the time. It just depends how you want to be and how much time you have for that.

So, that’s the thing. Sell the value of not just physical therapy, but what you can do for people. The transformation you help people make. Physical therapy is the way you deliver the transformation.

When you’re talking to patients, like the internet representative could have asked me, ask, “What’s your current problem? Why are you looking for a change? Why are you looking for a new service? What things are you struggling with? What would you like to experience instead?”

Find out what they’re struggling with. Find out what they really want. Find out what they’d like to experience instead. And show them how you can deliver that.

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