Should I Have a Facebook Group or Page for My PT Business?

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you should have a Facebook group or page for your clinic and the differences between the two. Today, we chat about that.

In general, a Facebook page is mostly just for you to share things with your followers. It’s the front page of your business, a secondary website for your clinic, a way for people to find you. A Facebook group is typically more for engagement between members, as any member can post. (Of course, you can change the permissions to whatever you like, but this is generally the case.)

Without a doubt, you need a Facebook page. This is critical for people to see you are a legitimate business, as well as for them to learn more about you before heading to your website.

The most important thing when it comes to a Facebook page is that you need to fill it out with as much info as you can. Upload nice photos, fill in your hours of operation, your address, etc. The only true tip I have for these is to have a “Learn More” button instead of the “Book Now” one! (You know my opinions on that, I’m sure…)

As far as pages go, just know your personal page will still have more reach than your business one. This is just the way Facebook works at this time, no matter how frustrating it can be!

When it comes to groups, these are a place for you to communicate with your patients, people who live in your town, etc. For instance, we have a group called “LeBauer PT Community”, in which we invite patients and their friends/family to join. They are free to ask questions and engage with each other within it. Another thing I’ve seen people do is something like, “Atlanta CrossFit Athletes over 40” or “Greensboro Moms Who Work Out”. It’s an easy way to create a local dialogue and get your name out there!

When building a group, there are a few privacy options. Choose whichever one you feel comfortable with, but make sure to use the question feature for new members. A good one to ask is, “Do you live in (your town)?” This way you guarantee you’re getting locals. Another one is to position coming in for a Free Total Body Diagnostic or Discovery Visit by asking something like, “We just recently helped someone recover from debilitating back pain and get back to running a 5k. Would you like to be a part of our next case study and come in for a Free Total Body Diagnostic?”

(Ps. Don’t invite other PTs to like your page or join your group. This is just going to screw up the algorithm and start showing PTs your page more than who you actually want it to be seen by—prospective patients!)

If you’re interested in seeing a great Facebook group in action, join The CashPT Nation!



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