Starting A Cash-Based PT Practice?

Starting A Cash-Based PT Practice: most asked questions!

Today, I’m going to answer the top 4 questions I get asked about starting a cash-based physical therapy practice. Starting a cash-based practice doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m here to give you the best advice to cut through the noise!

Questions 1: What do people need to keep in mind when starting a cash-based practice?

There are five things that you really need when starting a cash-based physical therapy practice. 1. You need your a business license. This can vary depending on your city and state, but you will need some sort of license to have a business of any kind. 2. You need my liability insurance. 3. You need a place to treat patients. 4. You need a way to take payments. 5. You need a willing participant. 

Those are the essentials, but really what it boils down to is making a commitment to starting a business. You have to be committed to doing this for yourself and for your patients because it’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it. We also need a niche to distinguish what patients get in our clinic that’s different than somewhere else. It’s not just physical therapy! Who do we help and what do we help them do? I don’t just help people recover from back pain, it’s what’s the back pain is keeping them from doing.

Question 2: How many patients should I be seeing?

That answer is going to vary person to person. My sweet spot was 18 to 22 patients a week. That allowed me to do all the things I needed to do for my business at the time and give the best care possible to each patient. One of my Platinum Mastermind members is seeing four patients a day she just cleared like $19,000 last month. When I started as a student, I saw 43 patients in one day, which is completely unrealistic. For many people, it’s 15 to 30 patients a week depending on how long you treat and how much you want to work. Once I get to a certain amount I can’t work on growing my business or serving people in other ways. As long as we’re charging the right amount we can make a nice caseload sustainable. That gives us the opportunity to have meaningful relationships with our patients and still help other people who may not even come see us, as well.

Question 3: How do I get patients?

The fastest way to get new patients is to partner with somebody in your community that shares an interest with you. As a physical therapist, if you ride bikes or workout at a gym, find the bike fitter or the gym owner, or the CrossFit box owner and run a workshop for them. But you can’t just run a workshop, you have to build a relationship first. You have to give them something. It could be an interview on Instagram or for a podcast. Then ask how can you help each other. 

The main principle I teach in my course The CashPT Blueprint™️ is that to get we have to give value. We have to give something that’s helpful for other people rather than teach and tell. We have to provide them information that’s valuable to them. What may feel valuable to us may not be what our clients or customers always feel is valuable. Find out what is valuable to them by asking question. Ask them what they want to learn more about. We have to sell them what they want and we have to give them what they need. The way to really do that is to ask questions 

Question 4: Where do I start with marketing?

I take a five-pronged approach to marketing. Starting with social media, consider how your business is presented on social media. Then we’ve got our website. Can people find our website and then take action? Do you make them want to give you their email or phone number through a lead magnet or through an application form? Then we have the workshops like I mentioned. Then there’s cultivating word-of-mouth. It can be one of our strongest marketing tools but most people don’t cultivate it. Getting testimonials from clients is the fastest way to get social proof and grow basically for free. The last is paid ads. Most people aren’t ready for paid ads because the problem is we can pay a lot of money but if we don’t have a follow-up system, then there’s nothing behind that ad to convert. If you don’t have a way to follow up with them by email, phone, or text then you have no business running ads.

Have you asked any of these questions before about starting a cash-based practice? Let me know what you think and if I  missed anything!

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