The CashPT® Blueprint Book

Inside you will find the actual Blueprint Aaron created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works. You'll have access to all of the systems, funnels and scripts that Aaron used so you can scale your own cash-based physical therapy business!

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The CashPT® Platinum Mastermind

The premier coaching group for physical therapy cash-based practice owners and successful healthcare entrepreneurs.

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The CashPT® Bootcamp

A 1 day in-person mastermind workshop where you work directly with Aaron to give your business a shot of adrenaline!

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Facebook Ads for PT's Academy

Learn how to drive a flood of new prospects to your clinic and telehealth practice without wasting any more money!

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Income Impact Academy

Attention Physical Therapists Looking For New Income Streams! Launch your online course, start a digital business & earn more money in the next 30 days!

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The CashPT® Blueprint

Aaron's proven six module online training program that is the simple step-by-step system to create & grow your successful cash-based therapy practice.

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The Ultimate Marketing System

The 10 week marketing system that will help you install Aaron's marketing systems that automatically fill his cash practice with patients so you get more new patients who want to pay cash for physical therapy without you wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work!

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PT Clinic Breakthrough

An online program that will help you solidify your communication about your cash practice, book more patients & increase your profits.

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The CashPT® Toolkit

All of the Documentation Templates & Administrative Forms You Need For Your Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice.

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The CashPT® Hiring Automation

Access the step-by-step training to help you hire your 1st (or next) employee and put your whole system on auto-pilot!

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The GymPT® Formula

An exclusive masterclass training and Step-by-Step Blueprint to opening your cash practice in a CrossFit Box, Personal Training Gym, Yoga Studio or Any Fitness Facility!

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The MobilePT Academy

An exclusive online training on how to start a MobilePT or
Home Health Cash-Based Practice!

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Google Apps as Affordable EMR

Safe, Secure, Easy, HIPAA Compliant EMR for as little as $7/month

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The CashPT® Checklist

Get your FREE guide to all of the essential steps you need to take to start your cash-based physical therapy practice.

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The 35 Marketing Strategies You Need to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

FREE Download: How To Quickly Get More New Patients, Clients And Customers Without Wasting Time And Money On Old School Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work!

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I Work For Patients T-Shirt

Get your "I Work FOR Patients NOT Insurance Companies" tri-blend t-shirt to show your CashPT pride!!!

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What people are saying...

Ryan Godfrey PT, DPT


quote-mark-wideWhen I enrolled in The CashPT Blueprint, I was starting at ground zero with my practice and here we are 1.5 years later and I'm seeing 15-20 clients per week and 65-75 clients per month. Six months ago I raised my rates and that’s generated over $1500 in revenue per month and I really owe this to implementing what I have learned in Aaron's program.

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Mary Ruth Velicki DPT


quote-mark-wideSeeing the documentation used in a current practice helped me understand the what I need and The CashPT Toolkit was a great starting point. This window into what has worked for Dr. LeBauer has saved me time and it was easy to tailor the forms to my personal needs/style. It was especially helpful since Dr. LeBauer’s practice combines complementary and traditional treatment approaches which mirrors my own practice.

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Frank Hatch PT, DPT, MBA

quote-mark-wideI am a new business and had inherited my current client care specialist from the last clinic I was at. Well, with the help of The CashPT Hiring Automation I was able to take Aaron's templates and simply feed in my information and what I wanted in a new hire. It took the rocket science out of the process. Thank you Aaron for continuing to provide simple and concise processes to automate my practice. CashPT for life!

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Jennifer Hallenbeck PT


quote-mark-wideHey guys! Thanks to Aaron's mastermind group, my business has moved forward much quicker than I ever thought possible! I found a space in a really nice area of town, that I am sharing with a massage therapist. (He already had a table and had the space nicely decorated...move in ready and low, low overhead!) I'm excited to start next month. Thanks! 

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