CallHero: The Best Software to Train Your Front Desk Staff

First off… Happy New Year! 2020 is going to be your year.

Today I wanted to share something special with you. I’m going to give you a tour through CallHero, an amazing piece of software that we use to train our front desk staff!

One of the most important ways CallHero has benefited us is that we can track what times people are calling the clinic. For instance, if you’re getting a lot of calls during the time your staff is typically at lunch, you can stagger schedules to accommodate!

CallHero also lets us listen to recordings of calls so we can better train our staff. I can flag calls to go over at a later time and talk through them with Amber based upon what she did right with the patient interaction and how she could improve in the future.

The statistics within the software are great to track what’s going on in your clinic, especially when you’re on vacation or out of the office. For instance, the percentage of calls answered is an important one. For us, that number is solid if it’s over 60%. For larger clinics with more than one person answering the phones, 80% or 90% is great to aim for.

To find out more specifics of how we use it in our clinic, go ahead and watch the video above!

Rick Lau, the founder of CallHero, is speaking at my event this year and has been kind enough to give you guys a free personalized demo of the software. Claim it by going here!

You can also get access to CallGrader here, a free service where they will randomly call your clinic for a few weeks at a time and provide a report based on their findings.

CallHero is an awesome software and I’m so excited to hear how you guys like it going into this new year!

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