The Insane Amount People Are Willing to Pay to Go In-Network

The Insane Amount People Are Willing to Pay to Go In-Network

Recently, one of my CashPT Platinum Mastermind students, Dr. Nicole Coleman, sat down to chat about the ridiculousness of what people pay just to stay in-network with their insurance.

In this clip, we talk about how high bills can be when insurance denies the patient, as well as what physical therapy can do for a patient in terms of value.

The truth is, sometimes people are paying way more than they would cash-based with their “in-network” provider. The phrase “in-network” is too enticing for far too many.

It’s truly unethical that people get bills of thousands of dollars after they’ve received care. As Nicole puts it, it’s highway robbery.

In Nicole’s case, she worked as a pelvic floor therapist, a field in which insurance covers next to nothing. Issues such as urinary incontinence and constipation are examples she mentions. She had to “play the game” of using a generic diagnosis code just to hope insurance would cover the treatment for the patient.

Over the course of five years, five different patients showed Nicole their denials and thousands of dollars worth of bills. She couldn’t do anything about it, and it would keep her up at night. “That was one of the biggest things that I said, I can’t do this anymore,” she says.

People think charging someone the price we do is unethical, but it’s the insurance companies that are.

As Nicole puts it, we provide so much more value. We are worth what we charge.

Think about this if you’re struggling to raise your rates. What you’re providing to people is much more powerful and in truth, a lot cheaper than what it could be if your patient sticks to the general narrative that “in-network” is always superior.

Go keep up with Nicole on her website and see how The CashPT Platinum Mastermind program helped her start her consulting business!

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