The Real Reason You’re Struggling Is Lack of Belief

The Real Reason You're Struggling Is Lack of Belief

Why are you struggling? It comes down to belief. Belief that you’re going to get new patients, belief that you’re going to be successful. Belief that you’re going to be okay, that you’re not going to fall into a money hole.

In this video, I explain why belief is the biggest reason you’re struggling.

I didn’t have belief when I first started, either. I didn’t have the people around me that you guys have now. You’ve got thousands in the CashPT Nation. You’ve got me talking to you.

When I first started, no one was talking about cash practices. I had one or two people telling me I could do it, but they weren’t telling me how. So, naturally, I had a lot of disbelief. That’s why I only started with rates $10 more than I was charging for massage therapy.

Everyone said it wasn’t going to work.

If you don’t believe that people are going to pay you $197 for physical therapy, then they won’t. They can go down the street and get physical therapy for $25. But if you believe that the service you provide is the best and most unique service around, that you’re going to be able to help this person do what they really want, then they’ll pay whatever you want them to.

Another thing you don’t believe you can do? Technology. Technology is only as hard as you make it. Learning the tech is definitely easier than neuroanatomy. But that being said, if you really don’t do technology, you invest in someone else to put it together for you. You invest in someone to teach you business; you invest in employees.

You put in the action. You put in the work. You get the results.

So, why are you struggling? Because you don’t believe.

You are your own best asset. You are the person you should invest in. You’ve already done that by going to PT or OT school. You probably invested $100,000 or more. Heck, I have coaching clients who are $250,000 in debt.

Sometimes, what belief comes from is talking to and working with other people who believe in you and can show you how to do it. That’s how I help my coaching clients!

You put in the action. You put in the work. You get the results. You’re going to have doubts, but if you let them get to you, it’s going to sabotage you. Stop listening to them.

It isn’t easy. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. You can easily make money working in a hospital. But is it rewarding to you?

It’s time to start believing in yourself and your business.

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