The Secret Upsell & Downsell Training

Hey all! It’s been a while since we made a blog post for you guys, but that’s just because we were busy putting on a killer PT Biz Con event.

In today’s post, I wanted to share a quick training I did for the attendees featuring my beautiful daughter Elena!

When we recorded this video, my kids were busy selling Girl Scout Cookies. This year, they did something new called “Operation Sweet Treat.” It was a way for people to donate cookies to our soldiers, whether they purchased some for themselves or not.

If someone said no to purchasing cookies for themselves, Elena would ask them if they wanted to participate in Operation Sweet Treat. At its core, that’s considered a downsell.

On the other hand, if they did buy cookies for themselves, Elena would also ask them if they wanted to donate. That’s an upsell.

Some things, like Operation Sweet Treat, can be both!

But how does this apply to your business?

Well, because you need to figure out your own upsells and downsells!

For instance, as a downsell, you can have a PT Express option for patients who are wary of paying for a full plan of care. In our practice, these appointments are a bit shorter than our regular ones. The other downsell we have in our clinic is massage therapy. If someone isn’t quite ready for a plan of care, we offer them massage so they can get some relief with less of an investment involved.

The most important thing about downsells is that we’re retaining them as a customer!

As far as upsells go, we utilize them within our Wellness Warrior program. Massage, private yoga, and health coaching are great upsells for those members. Another great upsell is selling retail products like Rumble Rollers, Theracanes, etc. Even if we don’t necessarily make a profit off of them, the profit comes when someone commits to a plan of care.

I hope that gave you an idea of what exactly upsells and downsells are, and how some things can be both!

If you weren’t able to attend PT Biz Con two weeks ago, we have made the virtual conference available! Head here to get access.



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