Top 8 Mistakes PTBiz Owners Make: CashPT Lunch Hour


Today we talk about the top 8 mistakes that PT Business owners make.

Here are the mistakes listed 1-8. Listen or watch the episode for a full description of each one!

Mistake 1) Not Having Clear Goals and Why

Where so you want to be in five years? If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. I want to know your goals, how much money do you want to make? When do you want to retire? Who do you want to serve? What problems do you want to solve? How much time do you want to be working?

Mistake 2) Making it perfect

We were trained to get A’s, but you have to shift yourself away from that student or employee mindset. Being perfect is keeping you from taking action. Take imperfect action so you can get it done. Then you can go back and make improvements. Let perfection drive your decisions but take imperfect action. Stop waiting for it to be done, just put the ball in play. 

Mistake 3) Making it all about you

Our egos are fragile. They try to protect themselves. You need to stop that and look outward. Drop the ego and stop trying to prove yourself. If you can create a vision bigger than yourself, then you can do incredible things.  team, time treating

Mistake 4) Not being in a community

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think about community, not competition. Who are you going to approach if you have a question or you’re struggling if you don’t have a community? 

Mistake 5) Always focusing on getting more new patients

You need to focus on your sales process, systems and nurturing your current and former patients/clients. Client acquisition is not the only pressing issue in your business. What’s happening with the patients who are already here? Sales ins’t about being pushy, it’s about asking the right questions. 

Mistake 6) Stop when they feel resistance

Resistance is a sign that you need to keep moving forward! When it hurts, that means you’re growing. You just need to keep taking one step of a time to see the growth that’s  around the corner. 

Mistake 7) Going it alone

“I’m smart enough, I can figure this out all by myself.” That’s the ego talking. Asking help is one of the bravest things you can do, and it’s just going to move you forward even faster. Don’t reinvent the wheel, make the wheel better. Did you think this would makes the list of top 8 mistakes?

Mistake 8) Not working with a coach

Every successful athlete you know was coached. To get out of PT school you had many teachers, clinical instructors, and “coaches”. Why do you expect something different from business? PT school did not train you to become a successful business owner. A good coach doesn’t do things for you, they give you tools and help yo create a plan. They share their experience. The people who get the most from coaching are quick to ask questions, quick to take action, and share their wins and loses. 

These are the common mistakes I see people make. But you can avoid them by knowing your why and taking your ago out of the equations. Find a group, a community, a coach to help you along the way and provide the positive mindset you need.  

Go brain dump all of your ideas and then focus on the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business.  

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00:00 Introduction of top mistakes

02:40 Having clear goals

06:59 Making things perfect

10:39 Making it all about you

16:34 Not being in a community

20:33 Always focusing on getting new patients

26:43 Stopping when it gets hard

30:15 Going it alone

32:33 Not working with a coach

37:58 Positive takeaways 

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